Are there any doctors that is able to fix belly button to innie despite thin skin? (photo)

I had a consultation for my belly button. I had an umbilical hernia surgery 10+ yrs ago. The doctor who said he couldn't find a way to fix it bc 1. My abdominal muscles separate in the middle (thus contributing to my hernia to begin with) 2. I don't have much skin around to work with to create an innie. I've never liked my belly button and if any doctor, preferably in the Inland Empire of CA (location at this point is only a small factor), can fix it, I'll consider every option available.
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Making belly button an innie

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Your photo and what you tell us suggests that you might need a tummy tuck or at least repair of the abdominal muscles to change your 'outie' to an 'innie'. 

If you are willing to consider this, find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to help you.

If this is more surgery than you want, it is still worth a consultation but I think, since tissues have already been operated on, that it may not be possible. But you do need an exam for your question to be answered. best wishes.

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