How to correct uneven eyebrows and droopy eye? (photos)

Hi! My eyebrows are very I never and often times it looks like my eye with the lower eyebrow is droopy. I have just began noticing this within the last year or two, but I may have had it for much longer and just not noticed it? When I was a kid i received a few stitches on the side that is droopy right below my eyebrow, not sure if that could have played a part? Regardless I would like to know what type of procedure could fix this. Thank you!

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Uneven eyebrows

I would suggest trying non-surgical correction at least initially to see if you can raise the lower eyebrow. This could be done with virtually no down time as office visit. We use THermage and Excilis which are radiofrequency energy.

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven eyebrows

An endoscopic brow lift would help improve symmetry for the eyebrow. You will benefit from some type of correction to the eyelid to fix the drooping (ptosis). An exam is necessary to determine which type will be most appropriate.

Michael Hueneke, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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How to correct uneven eyebrows and droopy eye?

There are certainly procedures that could corect your asymmetry.  The first thing you need to do is see an Oculoplastic surgeon to diagnose why you have the droopiness and then address what can be done to help your eyelids and eyebrows look even.  Given your history of trauma and your young age, it may be complex, hopefully it won't be.  Your photo is not enough to give a proper recommendation.  Good luck.

Sam Goldberger, MD
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Eyelid and eyebrow asymmetry

There are various reasons for eyelid and eyebrow asymmetry. It is difficult to tell from your photo since you are looking down. Reasons could include underyling upper eyelid ptosis (droopy), brow weakness on the side of your previous injury, etc. See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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How to correct uneven eyebrows and droopy eye?

You may be able to correct the asymmetry with botox injections alone. While it may not be perfect you would be able to help the symmetry and you may be happy with this alone. Otherwise an endoscopic brow lift may be performed to adjust the symmetry of the brows. A consultation and examination would be needed to determine the best surgical or non surgical plan. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Lid and brow droop

You have a ptosis of the left upper lid.  The brow on this side is also low, which is unusual.  Normally when a lid is low the brow on that side will tend to be higher as it attempts to help elevate the lid.  It is possible that an accident in the past injured the nerve to elevate the brow.  And the low eyelid may have also been due to the accident if you had significant swelling or direct trauma to the eyelid.  You should see an oculoplastic surgeon  to evaluate the eyelid muscles and the eyebrow height and movement, and determine what surgical solutioins would be best for you.     

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Droopy eye brow

The injury could have cut some of the branches of the frontal branch of the facial nerve.  It depends on the location and an in-person exam would help.  Botox injections carefully placed would improve symmetry.  Also, and endoscopic brow procedure could permanently adjust the position of the brows.  Best wishes.

David Alessi, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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