Help! Strange movement of implant when flexing. Any suggestions? (photos)

Please help - I have augumenation 8 weeks ago and have been really happy so far, but I am a massage therapist by trade and have been feeling my implants move a little when at work. Now when I flex the left one looks very strange. I'm really worried, can anyone advise me if this is due to my job? And what I need to do!?

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Animation deformity

Thank you for the question and photos. This is a significant side effect of under the muscle placement of breast implants. Unfortunately the only way to correct it is by changing the pocket to an above the muscle placement to allow the muscle to contract independently of the implant. Ideally a textured implant is used in the sub glandular plane to reduce capsular contracture and rippling. That's what I've used in physiotherapists and personal trainers. 
I always have a long detailed discussion with my patients where I explain all options of augmentation and we choose the best choice for their career and lifestyle. 

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Animation deformity.

This issue is called "animation deformity" and is possible whenever an implant is placed below the muscle. While placing the implant below the muscle gives it better coverage, less rippling, more padding and making it look more natural, it also risks this potential issue.
If it bothers you significantly, I would discuss it with your surgeon about potential for revisional surgery, potentially involving placement of the implant over the muscle and its associated trade-offs.
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Dr. Subbio
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Christian Subbio, MD
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Animation deformity

Implants under the muscle can result in some animation deformity issues.  Sometimes placing them over the muscle will improve this.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Implants and Flexing

Patients who work out or use their chest muscles usually have a better result when the implants are placed on top of the pectoral muscle.  The implant is distorted with flexion of the pectoralis when the implant is placed under the muscle.  Discuss your results with your surgeon, and if this interferes with your lifestyle, you might want to consider having revision surgery. 

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Animation deformity

All muscular breast implants will flatten and and look somewhat distorted with flexion of the pectoralis muscle. Usually, this looks the same on both sides. We would call this an animation deformity on the right side. This can usually be made better with a breast revision surgery. Go back to your operating plastic surgeon and discuss your options. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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Animation Deformity

Hi and thanks for your question and submitting the photos.  It appears that you have what is called an animation deformity.  Because of your job, you likely have quite a strong pectoralis major muscle which accents the deformity.  This occurs to some degree in all implants that are placed under the muscle (subpectoral).  The benefit of a subpectoral placement is that you are less likely to get capsular contracture.  However, the risk of the subpectoral placement is the animation deformity that you are now experiencing. You may be a candidate for a revision to reduce the appearance of the deformity in the future.

Robin Evans, MD, FRCSC
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Help! Strange movement of implant when flexing. Any suggestions?

Sometimes when an implant is placed under the muscle- it can be moved with muscle contraction. This may be one explanation for your situation. Also, it appears you may have a "double bubble"- on one side. This occurs when the lower portion of the implant exceeds the normal anatomic limit of the infra-mammary crease. Best to visit with your Surgeon as soon as possible.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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