Seroma after small tummy tuck no liposuction or muscle tightening. (photo)

I had a tt 2wk ago in Prague, day 5 post I had a seroma. While still in Prague it was drained 4 times but fluid was not getting less, so back to clinic & put me on a drip to stop bleeding & a penrose drain. Then the following day I was sent home to the UK still with the penrose drain in. When I went to my local GP they refused to treat me, I went to walk in clinic who did remove the drain. After the drain was removed the fluid bargain to refill and I now look 4 months pregnant. P

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Hello, seroma is a potential problem after mini or full TT surgery. I would suggest contacting your surgeon to discuss treatment options and followup.  It sounds like you might need to book another assessment despite the distance.

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You have a recurring seroma, may be secondary to a resolving hematoma, i.e. collection of blood. You need to see a plastic surgeon, get evaluated and go by their advice.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
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Hello and thank you for your question. It sounds like what you are dealing with is a ongoing seroma. You need to try and find a local plastic surgeon who will see you and drain it for you as needed. Try to minimize your activity as much as you can, this will help will how much fluid your body is producing as you heal. Good luck with the rest of your healing.

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Seroma after overseas tummy tuck

You should find a surgeon who will be willing to treat you, and have him assess the swelling which is likely a seroma.  It will need treatment, likely re-insertion of a drain

Atul Kesarwani, MD, FRCSC
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I would suggest finding a plastic surgeon or a general surgeon in your area who can examine you and drain the seroma. It is always best to choose a surgeon in your area so you can keep follow up visits and deal with any complications.

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Seroma after overseas tummy tuck

I will not fault you for having surgery overseas. But what you have experienced is exactly the reason why I advise anyone contemplating plastic surgery to find a local board-certified plastic surgeon who operates as a certified facility and has done a ton of tummy tucks. The savings offered by medical tourism may seem attractive, but only if everything goes well.

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