Considering rhinoplasty. Hate my hump. Could it be improved? (Photos)

Could the hump on my nose be removed/improved with rhinoplasty? And would you recommend open or closed surgery. Thanks in advance.

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Rhinoplasty for Hump

Hi and thanks for your question and photos.   Yes, a rhinoplasty would be able to take care of your hump and give you a more attractive nose.  This is a very typical request as far as rhinoplasties go. I would be happy to see you for a consultation with computer imaging as you don't live too far from my office.  Good luck.  Dr. Pontell

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Improving a nasal bump with rhinoplasty

Yes, a rhinoplasty can improve the nasal bump, but no one "needs" cosmetic rhinoplasty. If patients are bothered by the appearance of the nose, then one may consider a conservative rhinoplasty. Many plastic surgeons would perform a closed rhinoplasty when limited to mild bump reduction. If you haven't already, then speak with a plastic surgeon to review options.


Dr. Chaboki

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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Rhinoplasty: dorsal hump


Yes the dorsal hump can be improved with a rhinoplasty procedure. The hump can be rasped down using both open or closed approach. The bulbous tip may need to be adjusted as well. Correcting only one part of your nose can make it look unbalanced if more than one area needs to be improved. Schedule an in person consultation and have your nose computer imaged to see what changes you would like to make. This will give you more details on what your surgeon can accomplish, and will give you a realistic picture of what your nose could look like. There is a lot of information online and on real self, before/after pictures, to help you chose which surgeons you would like to consult with. 

Dr. S

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Rhinoplasty is a good option for you!

Thank you for your question and your photos.  The hump could definitely be improved with rhinoplasty.  The question is whether or not to also setback the tip (decrease the projection of the nose)--I think most surgeons, including myself, would recommend this, but ultimately the decision is yours.  It would be worthwhile to request computer imaging during your consultations so you can get a better sense of what the changes from surgery might be.  As for which approach to go with, either would work in your case.  I'd recommend that you choose your surgeon first, and let the surgeon decide which approach he/she prefers for your case.  Hope that helps.  Best of luck!

Ashlin Alexander, MD
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Rhinoplasty, some advices:

Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us. Through rhinoplasty we make small changes, but that is quite noticeable. 

After having analyzed all the info. and photos provided to us, i recommend you perform a Full Rhinoplasty, includding narrowing of the nasal base, with nasal bones treatment, and alar and triangular nasal cartilages shaping. With this procedure you get a delicate nose, better harmonize with your other facial features. Respectfully, Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
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Considering rhinoplasty. The my home. Could be improved?

  Yes, a  closed rhinoplasty  procedure can accomplish shaving down the dorsal hump which is composed of both bone and cartilage.  This will also accomplish decreasing the overall projection of the nose.  Osteotomies are then required to be placed in the nasal bones to narrow the bridge line. The tip may or may not need to be adjusted accordingly.  For more information and many examples of closed rhinoplasty, please see the link and the video below 

William Portuese, MD
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Sure it can be improved. But besides the hump, I'd move the whole nose closer to your face. See the morph I made of your photo.

Click on the "Web reference" link, just below my response, or go here:

I made a computer morph of your nose, and an animation of the morph, to show the changes that are possible for your nose in truly expert hands.

I lowered the bump, yes, but I also brought the tip and the entire nose back closer to your face. That's the change I think you'd appreciate most. Perhaps you can see it best in the animation. The lady in the short animation above had her nose moved back closer to her face, although she started out with a more projecting nose than yours.

I'd love to hear what you think of the morph.

You should understand that the changes I demonstrated in the morph require advanced techniques, techniques that most plastic surgeons cannot handle.  Be sure to read the section in the "Web reference" link on how to stay out of trouble while looking for a plastic surgeon.

Your nose is also a good example of why computer imaging is mandatory in rhinoplasty. You need to know exactly what the surgeon is planning to accomplish -- what features he thinks he can change, and by how much he thinks he can change them. When you see his goals, you'll know whether he has an eye for a beautiful nose, and whether he shares your opinion of what constitutes a beautiful nose. You'll also know whether the changes he proposes are enough to be meaningful to you, and whether he understands your wishes enough to address all of your priorities. But remember, you're not hiring him for his skills with the computer. The doctor must then show you his before and after photos to prove that he can actually accomplish what he draws on the computer.

The question of "open or closed" isn't really a question to ask. You shouldn't be determining that, any more than you should dictate exactly which suture your surgeon uses, or how cool to keep the operating room. This is a difficult operation, where most surgeons perform it very poorly. If you find a surgeon whose results you like and whom you trust, let him make the decision of open vs. closed, and all the other decisions, too (except, of course, what the goal is: that's up to *you*).

Steven M. Denenberg, MD
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Rhinoplasty Appropriate

Yes, you are a good candidate for a rhinoplasty. Not only do you have a hump, but your nose is overprojected for your face, and this needs to be addressed as well. Either open or closed techniques could be used successfully. Technical decisions need to be made, and only a personal consultation will provide the information to decide all the details.

Ira D. Papel, MD
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty may be considered for achieving a smaller, less distracting and more feminine nasal appearance.

The best advice moving forward would be to meet with several reputable rhinoplasty specialists so you could see what to expect after bump removal, and tip work. Good luck. Dr Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, the hump can be improved,. My preference is to perform it open as visualization directly is a good way to go to get precise results.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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