How effectively does fat or ready-made injections for temple filling hollows last or take in placement filling site?

I am considering either fat grafting injections or ready-made injectables like Sculpta with Restylane for extremely hollow temple due to tumor removal and was wondering if the injectibles, either fat grafting or ready-made products, might after the procedure shift problematically out of hollowed temporal site? And where does the fat go that does not take in fat it just reabsorbed? Thank you for your help.

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Facial Fillers for Temporal hollowness

Thank you for your question. There are a couple of long-lasting facial fillers which might provide an excellent solution to your hollow temporal area. Both Sculptra and Voluma are fillers which are indicated to provide facial volume lasting up to two full years. And yes, grafted fat that does not "take" is simply reabsorbed/excreted by the body. 

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Best options for temple filling

Hello. Thanks for your question. Temples are a great place for filler. Filling out that hollowness returns a balance to that has either aged or lost volume. It also complements Botox in the Crow's feet. My preferred product in this area is Juvederm Voluma. It is safe, effective and durable. Fat is also a great option, but can require a few treatments. Since you have had surgery in this area, it is VITAL that you provide your injector with all of the information related to your surgery. Surgery leaves scar and scar can affect anatomy including blood vessels. This area is an advanced injection area anyway-even without a history of surgery.  I wish you the best with your procedure!

Sean T. Doherty, MD, FACS
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Filling temple hallows

All the fillers can be used here. Bellafill is the permanent filler you are referring to. Fat can be used but will need more than one procedure as will most others. Fat that doesn't take is degraded by the body. This needs an expert, especially with the history of a tumor. It is hard to give you more exact recommendations without seeing you in person, seeing an operative report, and seeing picture.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Temple hollowing

Yes either of these works great. No they don't shift after placement, and yes the fat is simply reabsorbed if it doesn't take.

Cain R. Linville, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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