Do Corners of Lips Take Longer to Heal Than Middle After Permalip?

i had a permalip implant done 16 days ago(medium size on top& large size on bottom)My top looks ok so far but Bottom Left corner is not following the outline of my lip.It looks like its little below my lip outline,that corner area looks larger and out of place. My doctor saw it& said its swollen,said corners take longer to heal& b/c corner is tight its more swollen, it will get smaller over time..My top corners look fine which makes me think this is the way it will stay.Will i need to redo it?

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Corner of lips swelling more than center after Permalip

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It would be more helpful if you can provide a photo. At 16 days after the procedure, you can expect most of the swelling to be gone. Sometimes, the corners of the lips do take longer for the swelling to completely subside. Give it some more time and allow all the swelling to subside before judging your final result.

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