Corner of Upper Lid Inadvertantely Pulled Down into Stitch Crease After a Lower Blepharoplasty, It is Twitching and Pulling?

H , I am 3 months post op from lower bleph with many many complications, including corner of upper lid pulled down into stitch bundle in crease of outer eye area. It is twitching and trying to pull upward. eye is clearly pulled and rounded at outer corner. Can this scar tissuebump), be excised and resewn into proper position? if so, how long do i have to wait? scar bump is not on eye bone part of eye area. It is more into soft tissue pressing against eye ball itself. Can this be reopened ?

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Eyelid procedure complications

What you describe can usually be fixed with a procedure under local anesthesia where a stitch is used to re-create the corner of the eye (if needed), and a procedure called a z plasty might be used to correct the pulling skin. This is ideally done  months post surgery.

If too much skin was removed, and this is contributing to the problem, then a more complicated solution might be needed. It's hard to say without seeing a photo. I recommend talking with your surgeon about how soon you might consider a revision.

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Lower eyelid surgery

There could be few causes of the pull including direction of the scar, was there any deep muscle suture and finally scar formation. In my opinion it is wise to wait for another few months, use silicone gel, gentle massage and keep in touch with your surgeon.

Sanjay Parashar, MD
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Lower Lid Pull

The symptoms you discuss can be related to the scar and its location. In my past, I have waited 3-6 months for any revision unless their was a major complication.Give this some more time to heal, and keep in touch with your surgeon.All the best

Thomas A. Narsete, MD
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Problem after lower blepharoplasty

The problem you are having after lower blepharoplasty does not sound typical, and in order to give you advice, at least a picture of your eyelid would be needed.  If the issue is only with the scar, then most likely, this could be revised with another procedure.  You mentioned your surgery was 3 months ago, so it may be worth waiting another 3 months to see if the problem improves with a little more time.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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