Corner of Right Eyebrow Has Dropped Approx 3mm.Now my Eyelid Looks Baggy in the Corner &almost Touches my Eye Lashes. Permanent?

I've been getting botox for 5 years & never had a problem. 2 months ago I had 50 units of botox to my forehead, between my brows & crows feet. Im 33 yo. 5 days after I had botox I noticed I had extra baggy eyelid skin on the inner part of my right eyelid (towards nose).It is NOT eyelid ptosis. The corner of my eyebrow( above nose) has dropped a little. It's been 2months with no improvement. I'v only just got some movement in my forehead. Is this permanent?When should I start to see improvement?

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Botox and droopy brow

No Worries. As the Botox wears off your droop will resolve. Make sure that next time you have botox you point that out to the doctor

Birmingham Dermatologist
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Duration of Botox

You should start to see improvement in the next month.  The Botox was likely injected a bit too low on your right side, limiting the movement of your eyebrow on that side.  As the effect of the Botox wears off and you begin to regain movement, you should notice less excess eyelid skin.

Another option to improve the look of your eyebrow in the meantime is to treat the lateral brow depressors (orbicularis oculi) to help "lift" the corner of the brow.   

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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