How is a Corner Lip Lift Done with an Upper Lip Lift?

I would like to have an upper lip lift done and am wondering if I need to have a corner lip lift as well. I would like to know how this is done and how to know if it is necessary. My upper lip measures almost 2mm. I would also like to know if dissolvable stitches are used. Thank you!

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Lip shortening

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I have never seen a scar from a lip lift that I liked.

Cosult a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON and discuss all the options available to you. You may not need a lip shortening procedure, but a fullness in the upper lip. Proceed with caution

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Upper Lip Lift VS Corner lip lift

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The upper Lip Lift is a procedure done to shorten the vertical height of the upper lip, the distance between the mid-base of the nose and the pink mucosa of the upper lip. It is done to allow white tooth show on smiling. Since its scar is permanent it is best hidden by using a "Bull's Horns" incision along the base of the nose which if it heals well will leave a barely visible scar in that location.

The Corner Lip lift aims at lifting a sad, downward slanting corner of the mouth by excising a triangular piece of lateral lip skin just above the sag which thereby lifts the corner of the lip.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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