Why Am I Getting Cornea Erosion?

Hi I have been suffering with corneal erosion for the last 3 years. It happens every night. My eyelids stick to the suffers and scrap the corneal. The pain is really bad. I never had this issue before it started after my lasek eye correction surgery. I don't know what to do? ultralase are suggesting that i go through the surgery again were they will scrap the surface and allow for it to grow back but i am concerned as the first surgery has left me with this condition and it may worsen.

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Corneal Erosions

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Occasionally, after vision correction surgery, people do experience a recurrent corneal erosion.  Sometimes, it may be caused by incomplete eyelid closure and at other times, because the front layer is not sticking to the underneath layers well so it is easily disrupted upon awakening.  If you truly have the latter, there are a number of treatments which might help, some include treatment with a salt drop and/or ointments, extended wear contact lens or other surgical treatments. Speak with your eye doctor about possible options to treat your eye. If you do not feel comfortable that your questions have been answered satisfactorily, seek the care of a corneal specialist.

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