Could I still have fluid developing in my right breast 3 yrs after breast implant removal?

Can scar tissue be removed 3 yrs after implant removal in one breast , I'm burning in my right breast this went on with the implants in place so I removed them but I'm still hurting 3 yrs later my right breast , rib, and swelling. Nurse ask me was I pregnant because it showed my right breast having fluid on the mammograms or could the irritation from burning be making my breast swell?

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#Explant #BreastImplantRemoval - Could I still have fluid developing 3 yrs after removal?

Anything is possible but this seems unlikely.
While fluid can accumulate for a certain amount of time after a procedure like this (or any other in which a cavity is created, of which there are many) it typically declares itself much earlier than this.  In fact, most instances of fluid accumulation resolve spontaneously or, less often, with assistance from a physician either aspirating the fluid or, at the extreme, inserting a drain (for continuous drainage).
You may benefit from a more detailed non-invasive radiographic study, such as an MRI or CT Scan.  Speak with your plastic surgeon to see what might be done next to assess this issue.  It can be difficult to identify the causes of specific sensations but starting with the anatomy and anything that is clearly visualized makes sense.
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