Should I donate my own blood incase of an emergency arises if I proceed with having a tummy tuck? I have thalassemia minor. 10.8

My doctor last Checked my hemoglobin December of 2014 and it was 10.8 almost always low due to my thalassemia minor.

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Auto transfusion for tummy tuck

Dear coalminerswife, it depends of your body condition. If your tummy tuck will be complicated (including heavy liposuction) then you may need transfusion and in that case it is better to take and preserve your own blood one week earlier for intra-operative auto-transfusion. This issue must be decided by your doctor and your blood donation more than three weeks before your operation is useless for this purpose. By the way in a standard tummy tuck no considerable blood loss is expected.

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Abdominoplasty and thalassemia minor

Thank you for your question.  Given the fact that you have a hemoglobin at 10.8 I think it would be a very good idea to donate blood before surgery and see your hematologist prior to surgery and obtain recommendations regarding any possible ancillary therapy. Best wishes in your endeavors!


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