Will having an abdominoplasty shrink my butt and hips?

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Abdominoplasty Shrink Butt and Hips

Thanks for your question.  Generally speaking, have a tummy tuck procedure will not change the size or shape of your buttock or hips.  Now, if you have liposuction of your hips with the tummy tuck, then there will be a decrease in the size of your hips.  I hope this helps. 

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The effect of a tummy tuck on the butt and hips......

Greetings,     When you have your consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should clearly describe the areas of concern on your body,     Although the tummy tuck only corrects the anterior abdominal shape and volume issues, it may be possible to add liposuction care for your other sites of concern.   This can only be determined after the evaluation of your medical history and a physical examination.     Good luck with your plastic surgery,

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An abdominoplasty is designed to repair the abdominal muscles and removed excess skin and tissue from the abdomen.  It does not have any effect on the hips or buttocks.  Be sure that you are seeing a surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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A tummy tuck will not affect your buttocks as the surgery is only in the front.  Different surgeons may add liposuction to the flanks and/or hips, and this could potentially shrink these areas.  But, only if he or she adds of the liposuction.  Discuss the surgical plan with your surgeon to get the best idea of what the results are possible.
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Will an abdominoplasty shrink my butt and hips

Hello and thank you for your question. No it should not. Now a lower body lift which goes all the way around certainly can and in fact usually does. So if that is what you are looking for then you might want to do that. If you are afraid of reducing your butt and hips then don't worry about doing a standard abdominoplasty which can actually make your hips look wider when the waist is tightened. Peter Fisher M.D 

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A tummy tuck is designed to address the loose skin and muscle separation of your abdomen.  It will not by itself improve your hips or buttocks.  An extended or circumferential procedure can address the loose skin that extends around your sides and buttock area.  More often. the hips any d buttocks can often be addressed with liposuction procedures.  This can be done as an isolated procedure or in coordination with the abdominoplasty. Seek a consultation from a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss very specifically your areas of concern. He or she will come up with a surgical plan to address those areas. Best wishes to you!

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Will an abdominoplasty shrink my butt and hips?

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is designed to help flatten your abdomen, removing loose skin, stretch marks, and tightening muscle separation.   It is not designed to address your buttocks or hips.  An extended version of the tummy tuck called a circumferential bodylift can address the hips and buttocks since this procedure involves an incision that goes all the way around you.  Ask you plastic surgeon and good luck.

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Contouring areas with an abdominoplasty

This is a great question! With most abdominoplasty procedures you will achieve contouring to the abdominal area only. At times this contouring is able to extend to the hip or flank area depending on the length of the incision and type of abdominoplasty performed. We are able to extend the incision around to the buttock area to help with loss of elesticity in skin from weight loss as well as contouring. It is very common to find liposuction combined with an abdominoplasty to help contour the buttock and hip areas as well! A good communication pathway between your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and patient is key in making sure all aspirations are discussed thoroughly prior to surgery. I always encourage questions as education is the key to a good and safe surgical outcome. I hope you have found this information helpful and I wish you luck!

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Will a Tummy Tuck shrink my butt and my hips?

The answer is...it depends.A tummy tuck alone with have no effect on the size of your butt but may shrink your hips a bit depending on how far back the incision is extended.  To really improve overall contour, we usually add circumferential liposuction to more precisely shape the waist, buttocks, and hips and create a more optimal result.  With skin removal alone, results are usually limited to the front of your body alone.I hope that helps!

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Tummy Tuck surgery helps remove excess skin, sagging and stretch marks on the abdomen, tummy tuck is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss. It is the most effective procedure for women to get a flat stomach with a defined waist.  For removing unwanted fat from your hips and buttocks, Liposculpture would need to be performed.

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