To cover up my tattoo or get it removed? Hate my sleeve (Photo)

I got my sleeve when I was 19 from some unlicensed tattoo artists needless to say it was impulsive and I was still just a kid at the time not thinking clearly about anything . So my only options right now are : 1 get together 10 - 20 grand and get my sleeve removed 2 just get my hands removed for 1500$ 3 get a cover up tattoo over the whole thing if that would even work

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Options after Impulse

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I'm not sure how you would cover up the tattoo, but keep in mind prices will vary, but you'll want an expert for best results. It will take a series of treatments. Best, Dr. Emer

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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10-20k for removal of your tattoo is way beyond what it would likely cost for removal. I would get estimates from multiple providers as I think you could find it much, much cheaper. Lucky for you the tattoo looks black which has a very good success rate for removal.

Full sleeve tattoo removal will be expensive

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This is an extensive tattoo. It will be expensive, but probably not 10K. I don't know about cover up options but I would think that is hard too with the dark tattoo ink. It can not be excised, it is too large. Only other option is partial removal with cover up.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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