I Had a Coral (So Said the Surgeon) Tip Graft Put into my Nose to Elevate a Tip That Did Not Need It. Can I Take It out Now?

On the spot my surgeon offered to add a coral graft for "definition" when I went in for a tip duct graft. Six days after surgery, while I realize part of what I'm seeing is swelling,I regret what I did immediately.It'll add bulk instead of removing it, to my already thick-skinned, bulbous tip. It looks unflattering & it exaggerates my nostrils. Can I get a second open rhinoplasty in one week or will that destroy my nose? I just want this behind me.I dread what this will be even after swelling.

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Tip Graft Put into my Nose to Elevate a Tip That Did Not Need It. Can I Take It out Now?

 Most likely cartilage tip graft, not coral.  Yes, the skin of the nose can be injured if a revision Rhinoplasty is performed 1 week after the initial Rhinoplasty.  Take a deep breath and allow several months to pass and the swelling will no doubt subside.  Tip grafts can definitely add definition even when the nasal skin is thick, so don't be too hasty in your decision to have another surgery.  The soonest, if it is truly required, would be 6 months and yes, the grfat can be removed at that time.  Hope this helps.  By all means go back and discuss things with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience.  The first thing is to confer with your surgeon and explain to him/her what you are feeling.  At 6 days postop, you will have significant swelling of your nose which will subside with time.  However, if you are completely sure you don't want the tip graft, please let your surgeon know so that it can be addressed.

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