Will going under the muscle alleviate the weight of the implant causing my skin stretching? (photos)

I had 310cc implantation in front of the muscle with a crescent mastopexy in 3/2014, as soon as the swelling went down I was unhappy with the results and went back to my surgeon 5 times, he suggested I seek other opinions as I looked 1,000 times better than I did. I've seen 6 other surgeons who suggested under the muscle and full anchor. I returned to my surgeon, who FLAT out refused to put them under the muscle as it will disfigure me, I'm so confused and unhappy and need help!!!

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Will going under the muscle alleviate the weight of the implant causing my skin stretching?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast surgery.  Although practices vary, I am personally not a fan of sub glandular breast augmentation or "crescent" breast lifting. I think that you have received good advice from the other plastic surgeon you have seen;  I would suggest that you select one of these board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate lots of examples achieving the types of outcomes that you will be pleased with, to help you.  Again, select your plastic surgeon carefully and communicate your goal/concerns carefully as well. Best wishes.

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Will Going Under the Muscle Alleviate the Weight of the Implant and Skin Stretching

Breast revision surgery is more difficult, complicated, and requires more time than primary surgery. There is as much as a 40% chance additional surgery will be needed following the #revision. In most circumstances, those patients with ptosis (#sagging) require placement above the muscle in a #submammary position or under the muscle combined with a #mastopexy (breast lift) for contour purposes.

A #mastopexy or breast lift operation is designed to improve the shape and position of the breasts without reducing their size. It is the most suitable for #breasts which sag or droop (ptosis) as a result of development, aging, pregnancy, breast-feeding and weight loss . Some patients will experience better results to restore superior fullness if an #implant is used at the time of mastopexy; better known as #AugmentationMastopexy. Also, a breast lift may also be achieved with current implants if a patient is satisfied with their current size, type and volume. Altogether, the surgery will create an elevated, more youthful breast contour. Also, the nipple and areolae of the desired size and correct height may also be addressed. I prefer to use a #shortscar technique, #LollipopScar or #DonutLift” rather than the majority of surgeons in the United States that use an anchor pattern lift which involve more significant scarring.The best method and #technique for your #procedures will be discussed in greater length during your one-on-one consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Additional elective cosmetic #surgery is a personal choice. Any #revision has risks of unhappy outcome or other complications. Please be advised that each patient is unique and previous results are not a guarantee for individual outcomes. As with all cosmetic surgery, results will be rewarding if expectations are realistic. Most importantly, communication  and asking questions of your surgeon and the staff are key.

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Will going under the muscle alleviate the weight of the implant causing my skin stretching? (photos)

Hi. Please be careful with additional surgeries. Every time a surgical intervention is performed you run additional risks and complications. IMHO you could benefit from an "anchor" breast lift with re-positioning to the sub-muscular plane. Good luck, Dr. PG

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Will going under the muscle alleviate the weight of the implant causing my skin stretching?

I must say the result is acceptable. But if you desire higher appearances than yes under the muscle with a full lift is in order. Guess your first surgeon has released you. Thus you should seek fr another surgeon and see the new fees needed fir a secondary operation. I guess in the $8,000 rages. 

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