Can Pelvic/abdominal Adhesions Be Missed in Diagnosing Chronic Abdominal Pain?

I had a baby, a uterine suspension, and 4 other pelvic surgeries (all on same incesion) within a 6 year period of time starting 1974. Over the years, I have been misdiagnosed with Chrons, ulcers, gas, spastic colon, IBS, etc. Recently an ultrasound, CT scan, and upper GI have proved "normal", but I am still in great pain and have not been able to work for the last month!! Is there any other answer that could possibly shed some light on my problem? My MD dismisses my concerns about adhesion

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I just wanted to let you know that our doctors here specialize in aesthetics, so you might not receive the answer that you are looking for.


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Can Pelvic/abdominal Adhesions Be Missed in Diagnosing Chronic Abdominal Pain?

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Although most plastic surgeons have significant experience in general surgery, we usually do not practice in that field once we start our plastic surgery careers. The questions you have need to be addressed by either a general surgeon or your gynecologist. I think an internist or family practice specialist is unlikely to have the experience necessary for your needs. Get to a specialist soon and get treated.

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Chronic Abdominal Pain

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I hope I am wrong and that one of the plastic surgeons who answers these might have some insight--but this is really far out of the scope of our practices and expertise. We occasionally deal with pain following the surgeries we do, but we are not involved in surgery of the abdominal cavity and pelvis. Nonetheless, I will make a suggestion

If all else fails, sometimes laparoscopy can be done to look for a cause of pain, and if so adhesions if present should be identifiable.( Their presence would not necessarily prove that they are the cause of your pain.)

Best wishes for finding a diagnosis and treatment.

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