Would Coolsculpting Affect/promote/worsen Preexisting Autoimmune Disease?

I was diagnosed with ankylosis spondylosis in 2008, but, since the last 2 years, have shown no symptoms. still on azulfidine. That being said, with the whole dead adipocytes floating around after the coolsculpturing treatment, will that promote my AS.

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CoolSculpting and cold-induced disease

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There hasn't been mention that I'm aware that autoimmune diseases in general, are contraindications to having CoolSculpting.

There is theoretical not clinical basis for concern of avoiding Zeltiq's CoolSculpting if a patient has Raynauds or cold-induced cryoglobulinemia and other diseases precipitated by cold temperature. When Zeltiq applied to the FDA for clearance, they mentioned cold-induced disease as a contraindication but did not test for that. This is common for companies testing new equipment and medicines to avoid potential problems in patients with theortetical high risk of complications. Mentioning a contraindication doesn't mean that there would be, in fact, a complication but having not been tested, many doctors would not treat patients with cold-induced disease with CoolSculpting. Would freezing the fat in the abodomen cause a significant drop in the temperature of the circulating blood? The answer isn't truly known as there are variables. The amount of fat treated, the number of sites, etc.  In fact, it is becoming more common to treat multiple areas and to use more application sites per cosmetic area so that as the treatment protocol evolves, it could be possible to induce a temperature change. This needs further study.

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Coolsculpting and Autoimmune disease

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Typically most autoimmune disease will not be affected by Coolsculpting however there are contraindications for using Coolsculpting in those patients with cryoglobulinemia and Raynaud's. I would not treat patients with these symptoms or these conditions.

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