Coolsculpting- Where Does The Fat Go?

With coolsculpting, how/where is the fat eliminated from the body? Everywhere I read it says "flushed through the lymphatic system to the liver," Is it ending up in the stool?

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CoolSculpting removes unwanted fat safely

CoolSculpting® is an FDA-cleared non-invasive technology used to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat around the abdomen and flanks. Using a cooling process known as cryolipolysis, fat cells are targeted without damaging healthy skin and tissue surrounding the treatment area. Cryolipolysis targets unwanted fat by freezing fat cells, causing the body to remove the dead cells. It does take a few months to see the full results as your body naturally disposes the fat cells through excretory processes.

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Where does Coolsculpting Fat Go?


Great Question!  Yes you are right, the fat is metabolized like any other fat in the system and eliminated through the stool.  This doesn't mean you will have suddenly have a lot of fat in your stool.  This process is gradual and shouldn't cause any stomach or intestinal upset.  Zeltiq also has proven that it does not cause elevated triglycerides or cholesterol in the bloodstream since they tested this in the initial studies.



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CoolSculpting. Where does the fat actually go?

CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells. The fat cells die via a process called apoptosis. The number of fat cells are therefore reduced. The body will take these cells up, process them and excrete them, just as any other cell. Yes, the remnants are filtered through the liver, and then excreted eventually via stool.

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Coolsculpting fat - where does it go

Coolsculpting causes enough cold-related stress to some of the fat cells such that they say "It's my time to go" and go through a natural cell death (Apoptosis is the medical term).  The cells that die off, then get metabolized and flushed out of the body.

Cool sculpting treatments lead to permanent fat loss of the back fat!

Body reshaping can be performed with a cannula that removes fat via liposuction or with noninvasive technology like Cool Sculpting. With Cool Sculpting there is no cannula inserted into your body. All treatments are performed on the surface from the outside in using technology that freezes the fat.

CoolSculpting is a Revolutionary non-surgical way to remove stubborn pockets of fat on the body

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary non-surgical contouring treatment that freezes fat, which is then eliminated from the body. Normal people have a continues process of natural fat cell death in which 10 % of your fat cells die a natural death and are then removed from the body by the natural process. These 10 % of fat cell are replaced each year. 

Many of us have bulges of stubborn fat like love handles. Those unwanted bulges contain fat cells which can be resistant to diet and exercise, but not to CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to target and crystalized fat cells gradually die over 2-3 months and are then naturally eliminated from your body. In the weeks and months following treatment, remaining fat cells condense, reducing the fat layer. 

While CoolSculpting works well removing 20-25 % of the treated area, it does not remove fat as well as liposuction which takes the fat out at the time of surgery. The good thing about CoolSculpting is that there are no needles, no special diet, no supplements, no surgery, no pain, no down time and you can go from your treatment directly to the gym. It's safe, FDA-cleared, and effective. 

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Coolsculpting safely removes fat

Coolsculpting damages the fat cells, causing them to be safely removed by the body.  The lipids that are released are gradually removed through the stool.

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Coolsculpting causes fat cell necrosis

Coolsculplting results in fat cell death and then the body's metabolic processes take over and remove the dead fat cells

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The fat is broken down by the body

coolsculpting is based on the premise that cold injury can be harnessed to produce repeatable results.  imagine the tissue damage that occurs during frostbite.  cold in its extremes can lead to the loss of digits, and the tip of the nose, and even worse.  fat responds to cold injury more rapidly that the surrounding tissues.  the fat is metabolized by the body over 6-8 weeks after treatment and excreted through the liver and kidneys, like all metabolic wastes.

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CoolSculpting Where does the fat go?

uses a cooling technology that targets subcutaneous fat cells by freezing them to the point of crystallization. Once crystallized, the cells are then eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system in a natural process.

With Coolsculpting Complete, vibrational therapy is added to the Coolsculpting process to enhance lymphatic drainage

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