CoolSculpting Side Effects...Why Could This Have Happened? For Reference I Am 5'9 and 132lbs

I had coolsculping done and had severe side affects. At about 10 min I started to feel nauseous, then cold sweats, thought it would go away..very quickly all of this intensified and I began to feel faint, dizzy and lost hearing. Every second I got more faint as if my body was shutting down. I called for the nurse (it was getting hard to speak) and she came in and took it off. She said when she came it my face had lost all color. It took 10 minutes to get my hearing back and to feel normal again.

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Side Effects During Coolsculpting

Your Coolsculpting experience sound very usual for this procedure but common for some others.  It sounds like a vaso-vagal attack.  This is when a trigger causes the blood to pool in the legs and and this causes the blood to drain from the head causing a person to become light headed.  Looking pale is common and other neurological symptoms can occur. The trigger in the case was the suction from the coolsculpt head.

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