Coolsculpting Results Change After Pregnancy?

I had Coolsculpting done 2 months ago with a small amount of change, I am considering having children in the coming year. How will this affect my results? Will new fat cells grow in the area treated or will the ones that were left behind, only expand? Thank you.

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CoolSculpting can be done before pregnancy

If one is planning to conceive in the future, one does not have to avoid having CoolSculpting for fat reduction. This is not the same like avoiding a tummy tuck until after you finish distending your abdomen with future pregnancies. The fat cells that are destroyed with CoolSculpting freezing, will be permanently eradicated, but this is only 20% of the original volume after one treatment. The remaining cells can engorge more fat if your dietary calories exceed your energy requirements. Remember, CoolSculpting and liposuction are not replacements for diet and exercise. Pregnancy-induced weight gain is often removed by motivated women without CoolSculpting, but the depots of fat that are in certain areas of the body prior to pregnancy might be suitable for CoolSculpting after delivery.

New fat cells have been shown to grow, contrary to what is often thought to be the case, once someone gains more than 170% of their ideal body weight. This is usually not the norm with pregnancy.

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Changes more dependent on weight gain.


With regards to changes in your cool sculpting results.  Pregnancy itself will not impact the body contouring results if weight gain is kept in check.  There has been a recent AMA recommendation that normal weight women should really maintain their weight during pregnancy and only gain weight if they are underweight to begin with.

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CoolSculpting Results After Pregnancy

When you have your CoolSculpting treatment, the affected fat cells will be eliminated. As long as you maintain your weight with your normal diet and exercise, your long-term results should remain stable. Becoming pregnant will not affect the number of fat cells you have, but it will clearly result in weight gain and an increase in the size of your stomach.

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Coolsculpting results and later pregnancy

Coolsculpting removes fat cells permanently after treatment and thus during pregnancy you will not regain those lost cells. The shape and elasticity of your body obviously undergoes changes during and after that may or may not impact your appearance.

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All fat cells removed with Coolsculpting are gone forever

All fat cells removed with Coolsculpting are gone forever. Needless to say, your stomach will enlarge during pregnancy, but it will be because of your new baby – not from new fat cells.

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CoolSculpting is reducing unwanted fat, pregnancy may make changes in skin laxity moreso than unwanted fat in abdomen

Hello and thank you for sharing your question. Planning pregnancies and working around these physical changes that occur with childbearing is common conversation both in surgical consultations as well as non-surgical treatment plans. If you were specifically talking about the need to tighten loose skin, I would immediately advise that you wait to proceed with treatment until you've had children and are post-pregnancy. CoolSculpting results from a single treatment average 20-25% reduction to fat layer, and full results of any single treatment are best matching this reduction amount 4 months post treatment. It's not unlikely that you're seeing some signs of change at this halfway point following treatment, and it is unlikely for new fat cells to grow in the treated area. The existing fat cells may expand, depending upon your weight increase during pregnancy, but is far more likely that you will experience some changes in the skin's elasticity following pregnancy.  

My sincere recommendation is that you be mindful to eat a healthy diet now and during pregnancy, for best health and to protect the investment of the CoolSculpting treatment, by which your goal was to reduce unwanted fat in the abdomen. This treatment resulted in reducing the fat cells in the abdomen and you'll want to do your best to maintain that reduction. We often recommend more than a single CoolSculpting treatment in this area for patients for optimal results, and you may find that you desire this as well, however it may be best to hold off further treatment plans and assess your abdomen (and your needs) 6-12 months following pregnancy. I hope this is helpful feedback for you and the very best to you with your anticipated pregnancy.

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