CoolSculpting Post Procedure Swelling?

I had CoolSculpting done 2 days ago and right now my lower abdomen is extremely swollen. I know it is normal to swell after the procedure but my question is the reason I am so swollen because I had 3 sections of my abdomen sculpted and all of the inflammed dead fat cells are all collectting in the same place?

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CoolSculpting Post Procedure Swelling?

Moderate swelling is a normal response after Coolsculpting and should subside 4-7 days post treatment. Compression garments can help with the discomfort and appearance of swelling. 

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Swelling After CoolSculpting

Swelling after CoolSculpting is a normal side effect. It normally resolves after several days. Some other normal temporary side effects that patients report are numbness, tingling, itching, and tenderness. Sometimes some compression on the area can provide some comfort. If you ever have questions about your post procedure healing, you should always consult with the person who performed your treatment to make sure that you are healing properly.

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CoolSculpting ans swelling

It is not unusual for there to be some swelling following CoolSculpting, particularly if you have had multiple areas treated. In my practice, as part of our CoolSculpting Complete package, we offer patients compression garments to help reduce swelling and to enhance comfort and results.

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CoolSculpting Recovery

If you believe your swelling is extreme, I would strongly suggest meeting with your doctor to ensure that you are recovering safely. However, it is normal for patients to experience short temporary redness, bruising, or mild discomfort in the treated areas after the procedure. These side effects generally should resolve quickly.

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Swelling after Coolsculpting

Thank you for your question.

The swelling you are experiencing may be normal but if you are thinking that it is extreme, I would recommend that you go and see your doctor so that he/she can check to make sure that all is well.

Sometimes massage and/or anti-inflammatories may help.

I hope this helps.

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Swelling after Coolsculpting

You might be experiencing the normal amount of swelling after Coolsculpting, but make sure you're okay by seeing your plastic surgeon.  It's most likely a reaction of your tissues that can be alleviated with massage and anti-inflammatory medications.

Swelling after Coolsculpting

You may experience mild swelling after Coolsculpting, but it will all resolve on its own. If you had three areas treated (three applicators placed) on the lower abdomen, then your swelling may be more significant. This swelling will go away in several days to a couple of weeks at most. The dead fat cells are not being mobilized so quickly, nor can they travel to the same area, where you're feeling the most swelling. Please also Call your doctor to discuss your specific symptoms and to be properly reassured. 

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Swelling after coolsculpting for fat loss

your fat cells are not collecting in one area. The dead cells take time to get processed and then distributed probably the liver. However, as there are more applicators treating more sites within a region, swelling is expected to be greater as there is a higher amount of inflammation and water retention. This is temporary.

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