Does CoolSculpting of a particular area affect how much fat can be shed from that area in the future?

My understanding is that it basically changes the proportions of your body and if you gain weight, the fat will manifest in other parts of your body. Is it a similar principal with losing weight afterward? If you have it done to your inner thighs, for example, it is possible to still lose additional inches from your inner thighs in the future as a result of diet and exercise? Or is there only so much fat your body will let you shed from any particular area?

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Coolsculpting and future weight loss

Coolsculpting is a wonderful tool and allows you to lose approximately 20% of fat in a given area that is treated.  However, it does not preclude you from either gaining more weight everywhere or losing additional weight if you continue to diet and exercise.  

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Does CoolSculpting of a particular area affect future fat loss from that area?

CoolSculpting does reduce the percentage of fat cells in the treated area, but there still will be some remaining fat cells present in that same area.  If a significant amount of weight is gained, the entire body will show it, including the treated area because the remaining fat can still enlarge.  If weight is lost, the entire body will show that as well, as the fat in the treated area can reduce also.  

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Losing more fat after coolsculping

Having coolsculpting done on an area does not mean that you cannot lose additional fat from that area through weight loss.  Coolsculpting only reduces 15-25% of fat in the treatment area. If you diet and exercise you can shed additional fat.

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