Why does coolsculpting say no pain or down time?

I had cool sculpting 4 days ago.  My blood pressure has spiked to level 2 hypertension and it feels as if sharp pins are sticking me.  I asked before having 4 ares done if there would be any pain and was told no.  The lasy that did the treatment actually said to me (after my last treatment) that it hurt her so bad she won't go again.  This is pure fraud!!    I am too swollen to see resuts yet, but hope I get skinnier after all of this.

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Coolsculpting and pain

Coolsculpting is a great procedure but some patients have discomfort or some numbness in the abdominal area. Since you are having unusual symptoms of hypertension I urge you to consult your internist for proper medical evaluation and follow-up.  Did you have the treatment by a physician and were you evaluated and cleared medically before the procedure? Please let me know how your condition is.

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Did you have your procedure performed in the office of a physician? You should see the physician or one of the Physician Assistants or Nurse practitioners or the physician directly. They can address your concerns.
There should not be hypertension following Coolscultping. Pain can be managed with non-narcotic medication

Michael Law, MD
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Pain is not uncommon

Pain is not uncommon following treatment with Coolsculpting typically in abdomen. We dont see it much when treating love handles.

We have extensive experience with and have had Coolsculpting for over three years and see great results in properly selected individuals, location and fat texture are key variables.

Steven Hacker, MD
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Your CoolSculpting Experience

We suggest you speak to your physician about your experience. If you don't have an appointment soon, call and request one. I'm sure they will be happy to see you and hear about what you've noticed.

In my office, we try to tell each individual patient what to expect, based on the observation of many treatments of various areas of the body. We do find that almost all of them can continue with their planned daily activities including fitness workouts (no downtime).

We do not tell patients that the treatments are painless, but rather describe the sensation of the treatment session and the symptoms reported by patients of the subsequent days. Some report pain, but uncommonly enough to interfere with their day or need over-the-counter medication.

Sutton Graham II, MD
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