Coolsculpting in the early months of pregnancy. Can this cause a problem?

I am 8 week pregnant but my tummy is fatfill and thick Doctor can't see the baby by using ultrasound.Can I do coolsculpting ? Height 174 weight 95 sport girl size.I really want to have normally baby bump.

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Coolsculpting and pregnancy

There is no reason to do CoolSculpting during pregnancy.  No studies have been performed to see if the effects are safe.  Moreover, by the time you would see the effects of the Cool Sculpting you would have gained significant weight and inches from being pregnant.  After you give birth you can reconsider having the procedure done.

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Coolsculpting during pregnancy

Coolsculpting during pregnancy is not advised. It would not make sense for a device manufacturer to ever test an aesthetic procedure during pregnancy. In addition it'll be very hard to follow the results of the coolsculpting treatment as your body is going through tremendous change during pregnancy.

I would wait until after pregnancy is complete and your body has returned to a stable state which may take up to six months.  

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Do Not Recommend CoolSculpting While Pregnant

If you are pregnant, I do not recommend undergoing any CoolSculpting treatment. It is best to wait after pregnancy to consider treatment. In fact, I have found that CoolSculpting is an excellent non-invasive way to help return the figure to pre-pregnancy form.

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Coolsculpting in the early months of pregnancy. Can this cause a problem?

It is best to wait until after your pregnancy to consider any sort of CoolSculpting treatment. I do not recommend doing such treatments during pregnancy. 

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CoolSculpting during early pregnancy

I would not recommend having a CoolSculpting treatment when you are 8 weeks pregnant.  You should wait until after your pregnancy before considering a CoolSculpting procedure.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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