I Had a Coolsculpt on July. At 1st Love Handles Were Gone but Now They Are Back?

After 3 months of having a coolscupture in my love handles they disappeared but 2 months after I have them back, the area is swollen and if I grab them it feels very hard in the inside, more like an inflamation, some times feel some pain. My weight have been the same. What should I do? Thks!

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Checkup by Villar

If you lost fat mass and your weight is identical to pre-treatment, then something has replaced the lost fat.  It could be enlargement of adjacent fat cells theoretically, but this would be soft and pliable and highly unlikely.  Since fat cells are permanently destroyed, weight gain is evenly distributed around the body not localized at the point of treatment.

The hardness (induration) suggests an inflammatory process.  This should usually subside with time, but your surgeon may consider a Decadron Dose Pack to hasten resolution if there are no contraindications.  Have him/her examine you.  Best wishes. Knowledge is power.  Luis F. Villar MD FACS

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Coolsculpting for fat loss can be permanent

you may be describing a prolonged inflammatory event. If there is residual fat, some patients undergo two and even three treatments, separated by one to four months of an interval.

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