Had CoolSculpting to inner thighs, went back to scuplt lumpy parts, but concerned I'll still be lumpy?

Had CoolSculpting to inner thighs 8 weeks ago. Upper thighs reduced slightly but below that (down to knee) a lot more, causing upper thigh to appear as a big lump. Went back to sculpt lumpy part last week. Was this the right idea or am I doomed to lumpy thighs?

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Cool Sculpting and Thighs

When treating areas of extra fat such as the thighs, you may require more than one treatment with the applicator to reduce these fat pockets.  The plan that was advised for you sounds correct.  An in office consultation is the only way to really advise you.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with Cool Sculpting.

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Inner Thigh Treatments

It’s hard to say without a picture but if you feel you are lumpy after Coolsculpting treatment it might be best to try another treatment. In my office I use Coolsculpting and Liposonix for body contouring. Liposonix uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to destruct the fat. The liposonix head is shaped like a square and so treatment goes by square vs the Coolsculpting applicator. I find that I can better contour the inner thighs with the Liposonix technology as I can customize what area gets treated vs whatever fits into the Coolsculpting applicator. Consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist regarding your treatment.

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CoolSculpting Smooth Treatment Area

It is important to find a CoolSculpting provider with an excellent reputation and plenty of experience.  Finding the right candidate, assessment, and applicator placement are all essential components of achieving great CoolSculpting results.  CoolSculpting on the thighs is 'off label' but is common practice and considered safe by many medical offices. Many patients require multiple sessions to treat the entire problem area.  It is normal to have a second treatment on the same area or right next to the original treated area to fully sculpt the fat bulge.

You can find a top CoolSculpting provider by visiting their website.  These practices may offer special discounts that are not available to all providers.  My Raleigh NC practice is the top CoolSculpting provider in the region and our patients receive free CoolSculpting treatments through Instant Rebates.  Patients receive one free session with each session purchased.  CoolSculpting Complete is a complimentary package that my patients enjoy.  CoolSculpting Complete includes dual machines for faster treatment, compression garments for comfort, and vibrational therapy to assist fat cell removal.

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