With CoolLipo, What Happens to the Fat Melted by the Laser?

does the fat get burned away or loosened and flushed?  iknow in liposuction is vacuuming fat out

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While very little fat is actually melted, any fat...

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While very little fat is actually melted, any fat affected by the Cool Lipo laser is removed with tumescent liposculpture that is perfomed at the same time.

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It is sucked out

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With Cool Lipo technology the surgeon is using a laser to break up the unwanted fat. Next he has to use the suction to remove it just like during the standard suction assisted liposuction. So the liquified fat is removed.

This step is being followed by skin tightening with the heat produced by the laser. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia which is to the advantage of the patient as far as less downtime and quicker recovery time.

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