Coolcurve+ and Inner-outer Thighs? (photo)

I recently had my lower abs and back flanks done and am awaiting results, but now that the Coolcurve+ is out I am interested in doing my outer thighs and perhaps my inner thighs. I am 53 years old 5'8" 126 pounds and very active (bike, run, kayak), but the top of my legs looks so flabby compared to other parts. I've attached photos, front and side and would like to get opinions on whether you think doing the inner thighs will help get rid of the pooch without leaving behind major sag. Thanks

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Inner-outer Thighs

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Coolsculpting has received FDA approval for both the inner and outer thighs. For inner thighs, the better applicator would be CoolFit. For the outer thighs, coolsmooth would be the better choice. To determine if coolsculpting is the best treatment choice for you, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who can weigh surgical options versus coolsculpting.

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CoolSculpting at Thighs

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It is difficult to tell sometimes with photos what exactly is going on, so it is always best to have a consultation in person so your needs can be correctly addressed. CoolSculpting for the inner thighs have shown great results with the CoolFit applicator. The outer thighs can be more difficult because it is not as pliable and the suction of the applicators often can't draw in enough tissue. There is a new applicator that is designed to address this issue. It is called the CoolSmooth and it can be used effectively at the outer thighs because it does not require the vacuum. It is strapped on and the applicator is flexible enough to be molded to better fit the contour of your outer thigh, although it does take twice the amount of time of the other applicators.

CoolSculpting may reduce fat volume but doesn't correct cellulite

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The fat reduction with CoolSculpting is normal. However, when someone has cellulite and irregular surface changes before the CoolSculpting, it is not expected that they will get a smooth result. The inner thighs are fraught with risk of irregularities.

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Ronald Shelton, MD
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CoolCurve+ for thighs

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It's difficult to tell with any certainty from photos if you would be a good candidate for your thighs because, as you may know from having your other areas treated, we need to be able to grab a certain amount of tissue that needs to be able to be drawn up into the applicator.  Inner thighs are often conducive to Coolsculpting but the outer thighs are much more challenging.  The fat on the outer thigh/saddle bag area is often quite firm and stiff and does not lend itself well to being drawn up into the applicator. (even the CoolCurve+) Our patients have been very pleased that after Coolsculpting their skin has tightened up nicely in the treated areas so that these areas are not sagging or deflated looking after treatment.  

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Cool Curve Plus and treating Inner/Outer Thighs

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I am a Plastic Surgeon in Minneapolis.  I have done my abdomen and could not be happier!!! 

Be patient for results on you abdomen and back - it can take up to 9 -12 weeks to see results. I think if you are happy with your results I would recommend you also do your inner thighs, although we can never promise that your skin will follow. It is hard for me to exactly tell what I would recommend by just seeing your photo's.  I think this can better be determined by seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area that does both traditional liposuction in addition to doing Cool Sculpting. 

I tend to do only the stacking method which means I do each area twice on the same day to get the best results. 

I am excited you are having results with this procedure. Best of luck!

Jennifer L. Harrington MD

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