Cool sculpting - swollen/uncomfortable 8 weeks on - bigger stomach than before?

Hi, I am petite and had Cool sculpting 8 weeks ago just for a small area of fat across my stomach. 8 weeks on I am still feeling uncomfortably 'bloated' and am bigger than before including weight gain. My diet and exercise is the same or even better than before I took the treatment. I am after honest input on what this could be and if it will be permanent. Have there been cases when there is absolutely no improvement and even bigger than before? Is there any guarantee it will work? Thank you.

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An assessment is necessary

Although this may be just post procedural swelling, I would advise you to see your provider. In my practice we offer patients a garment that can be worn for any post treatment swelling or discomfort. We also provide vibrational plate therapy for patients in order to assist in the lymphatic process. CoolSculpting results can expect to be seen several weeks after treatment with 3 months being the average for complete results. 

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Swelling Following CoolSculpting

If you have gained weight following CoolSculpting, it would not be due to the procedure. The fat cells that are destroyed with CoolSculpting are gone permanently. Thin patients can experience some noticeable post procedure swelling for several weeks, with the most noticeable improvement coming after 3-5 months. We have treated many patients will CoolSculpting, and I have never heard of anyone who is permanently bigger following the procedure. The results will CoolSculpting can be quite variable depending on patient selection and expertise of the CoolSculpting technician. Expectations of the patient are also important, because CoolSculpting will not give you the same results as liposuction or a surgical procedure. That said, many patients are very pleased with the level of improvement, which does vary patient to patient. Please see the plastic surgeon who performed your procedure to see what can be offered. Good luck to you.

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