Is Cool Sculpting safe for someone who has abdominal mesh from a prior umbilical hernia surgery?

I had twins 7 years ago and umbilical hernia surgery about 4 months later. I am interested in cool sculpting of my abdomen and love handles, but am afraid that it will hurt my abdomen since the mesh is still there. I've also had two laparoscopic abdominal surgeries to treat endometriosis and a c-section, so I'm sure I'm full of scar tissue as well. Basically, am I going to make anything worse by having this procedure done?

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CoolSculpting After Hernia Repair

Great question. As long as you don't have an active hernia that has not been repaired then there is no extra risk with having the CoolSculpting procedure done. After seven years your body's tissues have incorporated the mesh so there is nothing to be concerned about. We treat patients all the time who have had previous surgery without any risk

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