Had Cool Sculpting Done in my Upper Abdomen and love handles 11 Weeks Ago and they do not look smaller. Did I waste my money?

I am also worried that I wasted my money. I am 38 years old and have a saggy belly after having children because my belly grew to much from gestational diabeties. I had a very flat stomach and no love handles before pregnancies. Cool sculpting must have done something because my body shape is a little different, actually worse after. It made my butt bigger and gave it love handles on the top of it, before that I had a perfect butt. I still see indents on love handles where the nozzle was placed.

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Evaluating Your Results

I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy with your results, but you may need to give it more time. Usually, results appear about 3 or 4 months after the procedure. Also, CoolSculpting® did not have any effect on any areas that were not treated. What you appear to be describing are common body changes that happen after pregnancy. In order to return to the "flat" abdomen that you had prior to the pregnancies, it sounds like a tummy tuck would be the surgical procedure of choice. A tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles and removes any excess skin that has not returned to its pre-pregnancy state. CoolSculpting only reduces the amount of fat in the skin and does not provide a flat abdomen.

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CoolSculpting and Results

CoolSculpting is a great procedure for freezing a bulge reducing it by 25% in a given area.  After pregnancy your body will re-distribute fat and CoolSculpting does not re-distribute the fat to different areas.  I would recommend you return to your treating physician for examination and compare your photos to assess your results.  For the best cosmetic results please see a board certified physician with experience with CoolSculpting.

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CoolSculpting Results

As the other doctors answered, you may wish to wait a bit longer and hope for better results. However, your doctors office would probably be happy to photograph a patient after 11 weeks. You might be surprised to see the difference in the photos.

It is true that patient selection is critical. CoolSculpting works for excess fat, but it will not tighten skin. In My raleigh, NC CoolSculpting practice, we will turn away patients we feel will not benefit from a CoolSculpting procedure.

Best of luck with your results

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Had Cool Sculpting Done in my Upper Abdomen and love handles 11 Weeks Ago and they do not look smaller. Did I waste my money?

You may want to wait a little longer and then go back to your doctor to compare post-procedure photographs with the photographs pre-procedure. A second procedure can be necessary to "sculpt" the area after the fatty tissue is reduced with the first procedure. Coolsculpting does not tighten skin, per se, so if you continue to have a "saggy belly" it may be due to redundant skin.

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CoolSculpting results

In most cases, there usually is some visible improvement about a month after a CoolSculpting treatment, but it can sometimes take as long as 3-4 months to see the complete results. Also, there are instances when there is improvement to the treated area but then adjacent areas are treated later to give the best overall effect. I would recommend returning to the physician who treated you to discuss your concerns and evaluate your results. It is possible that further treatments could improve your current appearance.

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