Can Cool Sculpting Be Done on Fat Above AND Below Belly Button at Same Time Using the Larger Suction Mechanisms?

I think my question is self explanatory. My doctor charges $1500 for first cool sculpting treatment and $1200-1400 for a second cool sculpting treatment. So I'm wondering if I can do the upper and lower belly at same time (and hopefully if done at the same time I wont be charged twice as much), and can return for the second round and do the same thing, otherwise I'm looking at close to $6,000 and from what I have seen and heard, it's not worth that much money.

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CoolSculpting Treatment Area Depends on Anatomy

Depending on your anatomy and the size and location of your fat bulges, it is likely that you will need two different applicators – one below the belly button and one above. Since so much adjacent tissue is drawn into the applicator, they cannot be applied simultaneously or they will pull on the same tissue. It is better to apply one, then the other sequentially on the same day. Usually each applicator is a separate fee of $1,200 - $1,400, so you will need to clarify exactly how you would be charged for your session. If your provider indicated you would need two sessions of two applicators for a total of four large applicators, you would be looking at a fee of $5,000 to $6,000.

You are right – it is a significant financial investment. Keep in mind, however, that as long as you maintain your good results through diet and exercise and do not regain the weight, your results are permanent. Zeltiq's patented cryolipolysis technique actually triggers slow cell death (apoptosis) in the fat. It takes about two weeks after your treatment before the fat cells have completely destructed to the point where they can start to be eliminated from the body. Once this process is complete, the fat cells are gone for good. 

If too many applicators are required to achieve desired results, then we have our patients consider tumescent liposculpture. This is only a somewhat more invasive procedure, but many areas and much fat removal can be performed on the same day for a better result and less cost than multiple applicators of CoolSculpting. Patients are very lightly sedated, and recovery is quick, with most patients returning to work in a day or two.

Please consult with a board-certified dermatologist who has a great deal of experience using cryolipolysis, and who also offers tumescent liposculpture, so you can find the most appropriate and cost-effective option for body sculpting. You can discuss cost and possible payment plans at that time. 

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DualSculpting Treats Two Areas at Once With Cryolipolysis

Your question is general, but the answer must be specific. However, that's not possible without a face-to-face consultation. Most patients who have two areas of the abdomen treated with CoolSculpting will need two applicators. At our center, we use DualSculpting to treat two areas simultaneously, cutting the procedure time by 50%. Resculpting your body is indeed an investment, but the CoolSculpting results are permanent – as long as you maintain them by exercising regularly and eating healthily. Please consult a board-certified dermatologist so you can find out more about your CoolSculpting procedure.

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Coolsculpting and the abdomen

Coolsculpting comes with two different adaptors for the abdomen.  It comes with a small and large applicator. The choice of the applicator depends on the size of the bulge that you need to get treated.  There are times you need two small applicators or you may need one large and one small.  An in person consultation is the only way to determine what size applicator you need.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with coolsculpting for the best cosmetic results.

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Coolsculpting of the Upper and Lower Belly

The answer to your question really depends on your anatomy and your "bulge" (the actual fat you would like to treat).  I have had many patients that we were able to "fit" both the upper and lower abdomen into the larger applicator, and others that it was impossible to do so and they required separate treatments to each affected area.  There have been many cases where we have used combinations of the small and large applicators to get the best results. We customize our treatments specifically to what we see during the consultation so discuss it with your physician and she/he should be able to guide you as to what would give you the best results. Most patients see 20-25% improvement with each treatment. Good luck!

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Cool Sculpting of the Upper and Lower Abdomen?

It really does depend on your anatomy. The applicator used will determine the amount of fat that can be suctioned up at one time. I have found that it usually takes two treatments to fully address the upper and lower abdomen, but if a patient is fairly small sometimes this can be covered at one time.  

I strongly recommend the second treatment! In fact, all of my patients get the second treatment at the same visit because I believe it greatly improves results.  Doing two treatments on the same area at the same time is called stacking.  Please visit my website if you have any additional questions.

With respect to pricing.  Be smart to have the treatment evaluated by a physician (preferably a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon), and only preformed by either a nurse or the physicians themselves. I personally meet and mark all of my patients. In my opinion, the expertise of your provider is as important as pricing.  

Wishing you well....It is a great procedure!


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CoolSculpting for upper and lower abdomen

Yes, this can be accomplished, and it can be done at the same time, provided it works with a patients anatomy. 

Many people may not be able to accommodate two large applicators on the abdomen at the same time. It is very important to get maximum "pull" into the applicator for the best result possible.  During a consultation, your technician can let you know the best placement for your body.

You may want to confirm that there are two systems available. With Coolsculpting complete using two systems, we can treat two areas in just one hour.

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CoolSculpting Above & Below the Belly Button

CoolSculpting can be performed on the abdominal area above and below the umbilical area.  Whether or not the large applicator will do both areas at the same time effectively will depend on the anatomy of the individual. This would have to be determined in a consult prior to the procedure. Cost for treatment does vary per doctor's office.

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Usual CoolSculpting prices

I routinely treat the upper and lower abdomen.  However, I usually have to treat them separately.  There are several ways to do that.  You can treat with 2 x smaller applicators at an angle or treat just the lower abdomen with one of the large applications and then treat the upper abdomen with 1 or 2 smaller applicators.  This depends on the size of the patient.  Usual prices are $750 for the small applicator and $1500 for the larger applicator.  Most offices offer volume discounts if you are purchasing several treatments.  It is not unusual for a patient to have flanks, back, and upper/lower abdomen treatments total around $5-6k.

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CoolSculpting for fat loss of the abdomen may require several applicators

The result is the paramount concern. If you compromise the number of applicators and number of treatments, out of conern of cost, you may waste money and not get a good result. Usually the large applicator does not fit both the upper and lower abdomen equally well. It also might be too painful if done over the belly button and normally, there is one applicator on the upper and one on the lower abdomen. We have seen, though, in the last year a significant true fat reduction and shaping (coolSCULPTING) when the whole area is treated by overlapping applicators. Some patients take 5 and others, 7 applicators to provide optimal treatment. Some patients need more than one treatment. I am continually impressed how effective this treatment is when done correctly. 

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