I Had Cool Sculpting on May 10 and my Results Are Only a BIT Noticeable? (BIGGER Photo and REVISED)

I had one treatment on my lower abdomen with a big applicator. I was told that I only needed one treatment. I had a lot of pain in the beginning and I was told that people who have a lot of pain have really good results. I know that results can show as late and 4 or 5 months, but shouldn't I see more of a change? Since my stomach was still swollen at 2 weeks, the 6 week photo is looks more like my stomach before the procedure. I am 5'4, 128, no children and I was told that it was perfect for me?

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Coolsculpting and Results in Abdomen

The full results of coolsculpting can take up to 4 or more months.  At 6 weeks it is too soon to evaluate the results of the procedure.  Coolsculpting has different treatment guidelines now and they often recommend multiple treatments or more than one applicator per area.  An in office consultation is the only way to determine if more treatments would be of benefit for you.  Please let me know how your treatment continues.

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May require another treatment

It appears from your photos that you have had a fat pad reduction however may need another treatment. The assessment process is so important because it provides patients with a treatment plan. A top provider will be able to determine if you need additional treatments and what size applicator to use to give you the maximum results. My practice offers CoolSculpting Complete which allows patients to have two areas treated at the same time. We also provide complimentary vibrational therapy that maximizes results and promotes lymphatic drainage. Because my practice is one of the top CoolSculpting Complete providers in the country we are able to offer patients buy one are and get the second area free.

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Coolsculpting results

We have been performing Coolsculpting since FDA approval three years ago.

We manage expectations and inform all our patients that they may require two treatments. However we are very selective and over 90% of our patients do not go on to a second treatment as properly selected patients will respond consistently and predictably.

Steven Hacker, MD
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CoolSculpting can provide even more benefit with a second or third treatment

Your photographs do appear to display significant flattening of the protruding abdomen. I usually recommend two if not three treatments to most patients in the last year that I have been doing CoolSculpting in my NYC pracitce. Initially three years ago we were doing one treatment with one applicator per site and waiting four months to determine if a second treatment would be worthwhile. We've learned since then that those patients that have more fat, should have more than one treatment and we also have learned how to overlap the applicators and patients have three, four, five and even seven applicators on the abdomen at times. The results can be rather substantial and when considering that no liposuction is done, this is rather remarkable!

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Results from Coolsculpting

It's difficult to say without examine you if Coolsculpting was the ideal treatment for you or not. For Coolsculpting to be effective you must have a sufficient amount of fat to fit or be drawn into the applicator.  If you didn't have a sufficient amount for treatment, let alone treatment with the large applicator you will most likely not see dramatic results, or any. Coolsculpting is a safe and very effective treatment--for the right patient.  Pain is not an indicator of effectiveness.  Many patients have little to no discomfort and have excellent results. Make sure to follow up with the office that did your procedure for their thoughts and recommendations.

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I Had Cool Sculpting on May 10 and my Results Are Only a BIT Noticeable? (BIGGER Photo and REVISED)

There are many alternatives to traditional liposuction that do not involve surgery. You must remember that these alternatives do not generally produce the dramatic results that traditional liposuction can afford. It is important to discuss you convalescence as well as your expected outcome with your board certified plastic surgeon before undergoing any elective procedure.

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