How Long Does Cool Lipo Swelling Last?

I had Cool Lipo on my flank area and the area along the muffin top on my back side. I still feel swollen and feel hard spots when lying on my back. Am I really still swollen? I didn't have a lot taken out, but I feel like I'm bigger than I was before. How long until this subsides?

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Swelling common following all Lipo for several weeks

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Have no fear--what you are experiencing sounds normal.  I counsel patients--whether CoolLipo or traditional tumescent liposuction, that swelling often worsens 2-4 weeks following the procedure.  Induration, or areas of firm, "hard" spots" can appear around this time and can take 2-3 months to resolve.  It is a good sign following CoolLipo, as the induration signals collagen stimulation and subsequent tissue tightening.  I tell patients never to judge a final result until AT LEAST 3 months following the procedure.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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