Is Cool Lipo Recommended for the Chin and Neck Area?

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Looking at your neck, I can see that you have true skin...

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Looking at your neck, I can see that you have true skin excess and laxity as well as platysma muscle bands and fat excess. Liposuction of any kind is very limited in treating what you have because all it can do is remove fat and rely on skin shrinkage for the result. It cannot tighten the muscles either.

A well performed cheek and neck lift would give you a result that is so much better than liposuction because the extra fat is removed, the muscles are tightened, and the loose skin is gently re-draped and removed.

The best liposuction results are in patients who are younger and in whom the skin elasticity is excellent and should lead to good shrinkage. I would predict that you would be disappointed with the results of liposuction in your case.

Cool lipo, smart lipo, and all the other types of adjuncts (ultrasound and lasers) to liposuction have never been able to prove that they can make your skin shrink better than it would after conventional liposuction. So be wary and be careful that the doctor you are seeing can offer ALL the procedures for your neck and can help you decide what is going to get you the result you want!

Cool lipo or laser assisted lipolysis for neck & chin

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Your picture appears to demonstrate cutaneous irregularities that suggest that you have already undergone a neck procedure and perhaps liposuction or cool lipo. Given the presence of these irregularities, I 

I would recommend against  having any procedures such as cool lipo performed.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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