What will make me have a more desirable profile? (photo)

I have had a chin implant surgery a couple years ago and am very satisfied but still not with my over all profile. Possibly jaw angle implants. I have a very long face "syndrome" and been slowly correcting it over the years... My lips still doesn't meet at rest which I understand could be corrected with orthoganthic surgery but cant take off work that long to recover and not insurance covered... I understand that would give a better jaw line and lip position but looking for alternatives if any.

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Profile and facial contours

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The 'long face' growth pattern involves a 'narrow jaw' viewed in the mirror. The present implant is a bit isolated and should 'blend' into the back of the jawline; so augmentation of the ramus and body  of the mandible will help that to occur. Lip competence wont change with treatment that does not address the vertical overgrowth of the upper jaw.

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