Age 60, Use Day White 7.5%, But Need Whiter Teeth. Can Laser Whitening Be Controlled?

I am 60 & have been using Day White 7.5% but need to get my teeth whiter because I am replacing 4 front caps. I do not want bling white, so can laser whitening be controlled? Also, what treatment lasts longer? Enlighten is too expensive and I do not like wearing trays at night, so can you recommend something?

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Laser whitening varies patient by patient

Not everyone's teeth whitens to the same degree. The strongest procedure available today is in-office whitening, such as ZOOM! This is probably what you are referring to as "laser whitening". I've never noticed any 60 year old's teeth getting "bling" white from the process, unless they were already very close to "bling" white! Also, remember there will be a "rebound effect". Do not pick the final shade for your caps until a few days after completing the whitening.

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