Am I Getting a Contracture AGAIN? (photo)

First surgery 1-27;CC surgery 10-14 after singular for 4 mos;surgery re-do 10-17 for hematoma;still on singular as of 12-17;breast seems higher in photos,slightly firmer at the top (above the nipple)& achy.I do run/exercise quite a bit & nurse @office told me to just get a tighter bra as i might have bruised from wgt of implant.Does this look like CC?Will taking VitE help at this point?Still pretty soft/pliable at this point-I will call my Dr Monday but I'd like some other opinions here as well.

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Capsular contracture not likely after corrective procedure

It takes some time for the breast envelope to recover from the shrinking caused by capsular contracture.   While the capsule is tight, the entire breast shape does not "feel" the effects of the implant, and therefore it can "lag" behind in shaping versus the side that does not have a contracture.

I usually recommend a home care protocol involving separate treatment  of the operated breast versus the non-operated breast that can decrease the difference between the two.

The photos indicate that the treated breast is "catching up", and it is early to say if it will completely.  A 3 to 6 months follow up evaluation would be necessary.

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Wait to see if its a capsular contracture

Reading from left to right, it appears your right breast, which was initially higher than the left, is much improved.  As your most recent surgery was only a few days ago, it makes most sense to allow the tissue to settle and soften till your final contour is determined.  This may take several months.  In the mean time, you should follow up with your surgeon frequently.  The effects of Singulair and Vitamin E are not proven, so most surgeons do not use them.  Best of luck.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
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Capsular contracture

I am assuming the last picture onthe right is the final result. If this is so, it looks a lot better than what you started out with on the right.  it may be a bit early to see the final result, and it may be a bit tight until things settle down. You shoudl folloe closely with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Capsular contracture again

When capsular contracture occurs the year after breast augmentation, release of the capsule, capsulotomy, will solve the problem half of the time. The hematoma was unfortunate as bleeding pushes up the recurrence rate. Singulair and vitamin E have no proven effect and most surgeons don't recommend them. Only thing to do now is wait and see.

Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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