Would Contour Thread Have to Be Removed for a Lifestyle Lift?

I have contour threads,put in 5 years ago.I now have a sagging jaw line.Would the threads have to be removed before this procedure? How long does this life style lift last?

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Removing Threads for a Lifestyle Lift?...

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The threads would not have to be removed. A “Lifestyle Lift” usually refers to a mini-face lift to lift a sagging jaw line. These procedures can have good results that may last up to 3-7 years.

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Face lift after thread lift

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The do not have to be removed; however, I would remove them if I saw them while doing the procedure.  Make sure you see a board - certified plastic surgeon; many of the LL surgeons are not board - certified plastic surgeons.

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Limited Facelift (Lifestyle Lilft) Can Be Done After Contour Threadlift

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There is no problem doing any type of a facelift (the Lifestyle Lift is just a small form of a facelift) after one has had a Contour Threadlift. I have done it many times in my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice. One will encounter the clear threads but they are easily removed as part of the procedure and do not in any way interfere with the success of the facelift procedure.

Contour thread have to be removed for a Lifestyle lift

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I would try to remove but it is not necessary to do a mini face lift with the threads in place. Go get 3 opinions from boarded surgeons not just a LSL surgeon. BE SAFE!

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