Can Contour Abnormalities Be Improved by More Ptosis Repair?

I have some peaking towards the outside of the eyelid area[lateral portion], along with minor ptosis overall on that eyelid. Just wondering whether or not a Fasanella-Servat or mullerectomy approach normally fixes or can be utilized to fix a contour abnormality arising from a previous ptosis repair?

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Can Contour Abnormalities Be Improved by More Ptosis Repair?

Your question implies that you have already had ptosis repair because you state more ptosis repair.  The answer to your question would then depend on the reason for your contour abnormality.  Is the notch area the correct eyelid height and everywhere else the eyelid is low?  Is the notch due to scarring or over-elevation of the eyelid in that one area?  

Ultimately, with a complex problem such as this, nothing substitutes for a good Oculoplastic surgeon's examination and recommendation.  Good luck.

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Eyelid surgery

Wow, this is a complex issue.  It really depends on where the contour abnormality lies.  A mulleretomy does little to affect the overlying tissue.  The FS procedure is not designed to remedy a contour issue.  This will require an exam.  A blepharoplasty may help with the issue, but its tough to judge without photos or an exam.  I would not be hasty to embark upon this procedure.  Revision surgery is difficult.  I would consult with several plastic or occuloplastic surgeons in person.  Good luck. 

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Revision ptosis surgery

The answer really depends on your specific eyelid condition after your surgery.  There are other surgical techniques (besides Fasanella or mullerectomy) that can be used for revision ptosis surgery in eyelids that are already have significant scar tissue.

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