Continuos and Pervasive Eyebrow Itching 3 Years After Forehead Lift, What Can I Do?

I had a forehead lift 3 years ago and the excessive itching in my eyebrows is so bad that I can't wear my hair down and I feel like I can never get the itching to go away. It's almost unbearable some days. I also have a bump in my right eyebrow that feels like the bone is growing larger. I need relief. I just want one day without scratching my forehead apart. What happened and how can I stop it? Are there nerve blockers for this?

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Itching following browlift

This can be such a tough problem in a small subset of patients.  There seems to be a very small percentage of people who are very bothered by ongoing numbness and itching even one year after surgery.  This typically resolves as the irritated sensory nerves heal.  There are medications to try such as neurontin and lyrica.  They are often started by a plastic surgeon comfortable with this treatment or a pain specialist or neurologist.  They often have to be titrated to effect and you must take them for many weeks if not months before determining failure of treatment.  That would be my recommended starting point.  As far as the lump, it could be many things and should be evaluated by your surgeon. 

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Post forehead paraesthesia.

This can be very trouble for a small number of individuals having a forehead lift.  I recommend you consider consulting a neurologist.  There are drugs that can help the situation.  Many of these drugs can have side effects so it is a matter of balancing the inequities.  Regarding the bump, a warrants an assessment by a facial plastic surgeon.

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