Continued Under Eye Swelling After Lower Bleph

I am six months post op upper and lower bleph. I have bulges (swelling) under both eyes (outer corners). When I am looking downwards in the mirror, you can see the bulging distinctly (there is even a double ring around the right eye) as well as ridges where the swelling meets my cheek on the outer corners. If I cry or tear up I notice it is even worse! I had minimal bags under my eyes pre op and was actually talked in to doing this part of the surgery. Will this swelling ever resolve?

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Continued swelling 6 months after lower eyelid surgery

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 I'm sorry to have to tell you that at 6 months after your lower eyelid, those bulges are not swellng but residual fat pads that were not removed during your lower eyelid surgery.  The lower eyelid has three fat pockets: medial (by the nose), central and lateral.  The onses, you describe, are the lateral fat pads and are the most common ones that are not fully removed during a lower eyelid surgery.

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