Will I Continue to See Shrinking Abs and Waist Line Results As I Get Closer to 3 Months Post Op Lipo?

I am ten weeks post op lipo of bra rolls..flanks..and tummy..around 1900cc of fat removed..about 90% of swelling is gone..i wanted to know if i will continue to see shrinking results aste months past?.i am hoping to see flatter abs and smaller waist..please give me some feed back on what i can expect .

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Results Improving at 3 months Post Op Liposuction?

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Your plastic surgeon, knowing exactly what what was done, will always be your best resource for precise answers and/or reassurance. Generally speaking, liposuction treated areas tend to improve in appearance for many months after the procedure was performed. Skin "redraping"  may continue to occur several months after the affects of swelling have dissipated.

 Continued patience and time are your best friends.

 Best wishes.


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Swelling is something which is unique for each person. So it is unpredictable if you are almos a 100% done with it. 90% of swelling is gone around the 4th-5th month and is more related to the aggressiveness of the lipo and amount of fat that was removed. You don't seem to have much removed. So be patient and wait until the end of 4-5th month to see results. In the mean time be very careful on maintaining your weight because now it will be very easy to gain fat on areas weren't lipoed. You'll have great results. Be patient Dr. Cardenas

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