Continue Latisse Use After Desired Results?

Once your eyelashes are as long and full as you want them, do you have to continue to use the Latisse to maintain the thickness?

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Using Latisse after the Desired Results are Seen

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It takes somewhere between 8-16 weeks of nightly use of Latisse to see the maximum effect. Once this effect is realized, I generally recommend decreasing the Latisse to every other or every third night indefinitely. If the product is stopped completely, your lashes will revert to their original appearance in about 8-16 weeks. By decreasing the usage, however, the cost of the product comes down, risk of side effects(rarely seen) are lessened and maximal effect is generally maintained.

Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Yes, continue using Latisse

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Unfortunately, the gains you have experienced with Latisse will be lost if you stop using the product. It takes about six weeks to see some improvement and maximal gain is at 16 weeks.

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