Should I Continue to Follow Up on Breast Pain with Occasional Swelling?

Hx: Reduction 5yrs; 37yrs old; full hysterectomy 8yrs; on estradiol. 3-4 weeks ago began having a lot of pain w/swelling of left breast. My PCP thought he felt a lump & scheduled ultrasound. Results: "shadowing suggesting fibrous changes," "no architectural distortion," "no evidence for solid mass or cyst." Mammogram findings: "largely fatty replaced. Some mild architectural distortion consistent w/reduction mammoplasty," "no focal lesion" I still have pain. Should I follow up w/specialist?

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Breast reduction and pain

It is unusual to have pain 5 years after a breast reduction. You certainly should investigate this more and be examined.

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Breast Pain after Breast Reduction?

I'm sorry to hear about the continued pain you are experiencing.

Yes, I think it may be potentially beneficial to continue follow-up with your plastic surgeon. There may be a cause of the pain that is treatable. For example, sometimes patients will develop a neuroma (scar tissue around a specific nerve)  that can be a source of continued pain. This is surgically treatable.

Best wishes for a productive visit with your plastic surgeon.


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