I continue with fluid retention in dark circles after 5 rounds of hyaluronidase. Why ? What I can do ?

I have 5 rounds of hyaluronidase to remove dark circles edema infiltration of hyaluronic acid. 1st ronda: total 0.5 ml hyaluronidase on both sides 2nd Total ronda: 0.3 ml hyaluronidase. both sides 3rd ronda_Total: 0.2 ml on both sides hyaluronidase 4th ronda_ Total: 0.5 ml hyaluronidase on both sides _ Changing a doctor oculoplastic: 5th ronda_ total 200 UI ( i dont know in ml.). I´m better but the edema is not resolve.

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Dark circles

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If hyaluronidase is going to work to correct the dark circles from filler, then it definitely should have worked by now. It shouldn't require that many sessions and units to reverse filler. You should confirm that the enzyme is indeed hyaluronidase, that the injector is experienced with it, and that the filler that you received and are looking to reverse is, indeed, a hyaluronic acid filler.  If the filler is anything but a hyaluronic acid filler, then the enzyme will not work. In addition, it sounds like you have lymphedema, or accumulation of fluid around the eyes. Sometimes this can occur after filler and because it is not the filler itself, but rather FLUID, the enzyme does not help very much. A consultation is recommended to confirm whether there is filler or FLUID. Be well.

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