Contemplating Chin Implant Removal. Should I Do It Sooner Rather Than Later and What Are the Implications?

Had chin implant 9days ago.Surgeon told me after op, he first inserted medium size, but thought that too small, so replaced with large implant.Am not pleased with outcome.Chin now looks long&wide.Am thinking seriously of having it removed altogether rather than replacing large implant with smaller one (feels unnatural&have come across lot of information about possibility of silicone implant moving&also eroding bone).Will I be left with damaged chin,better to get it done sooner rather later?

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Chin implant regret

Give it a month to see if the swelling doesn't go down and make it look better.  At that point, if it still looks too big, you might want to downsize or remove entirely.  The problem with waiting 3-4 months is that at that point you will have a healed pocket that is too large for a smaller implant and it may float around in the pocket which would be a new problem you wouldn't want to have.

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Chin Implant Removal

At only 9 days after the procedure, you still cannot see your final result.  Wait at least a month before considering removal.  Bone resorption takes years to occur and should not be a current factor in your decision making process.  Likewise, if a Silastic chin implant is properly placed, it is very hard to move them; don't be concerned about this factor either.

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Chin implant regret

At only nine days after surgery, you still have considerable swelling which will decrease over the ensuing weeks,  If you are unhappy with the size, I would suggest waiting. However, you are expressing additional concerns about the implant material and I sense an element of stress and anxiety on your behalf. Yes, it is true, silicone can erode the bone. Generally this is a relatively modest amount and is insignificant. This issue will not be resolved until you remove the implant.

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Chin implant

I can see why you may be concerned regarding the outcome of your chin implant.  I would suggest waiting for a few months to allow the swelling to resolve.  This will demonstrate your chin implant in an entirely different light.  After the welling resolves, you may or may not like it.  Then you can make the decision what to do with it.  Bone erosion is a consequence that occurs over the long term.  It will not happen over the course of months, but years.  The implant may or may not shift, but you will be able to feel this.  Keep close contact with your physician.  He or she will be able to address these concerns based upon a physical exam. 

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