No Contacts 2 Weeks Before Upper Eyelid Revision?

The doctor I went to for consultation said that I cannot wear contacts for 2 weeks before and after upper eyelid surgery (upper eyelid muscle retraction). I understand that I shouldn't mess with the eye area after surgery, but why can't I wear contacts before the surgery? Thank You!

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Use of contact lenses prior to eyelid surgery

Unless there is a situation that you have not discussed it seems unusual to have a patient not wear contact lenses prior to surgery.  After surgery is standard.  

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No Contacts

Interesting?!  Seek a second opinion from an experienced Facial Cosmetic Surgeon who performs blepharoplasty surgery on a routine basis.

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Quirky Instruction.

Two weeks of not wearing contact lens after surgery is very standard.  Two weeks of not wearing contact lens is not so standard.  You did not indicate what type of surgeon you are seeing but for this type of surgery, you need an experienced oculoplastic surgeon.  More than one opinion might be worth your while.

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No Contacts

No contacts after surgery for 2 wks is standard. Before surgery is not unless you have other issues with your eyes that you failed to mention. Make sure your surgeon is experienced in facial cosmetic plastic surgery. You may also want to seek another opinion.


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